Correct fender piping?

I am ready to install rear fenders on my xk120 dhc and I mistakenly ordered 2 sets of fender piping. When they arrived they were different. One is neoprene or rubber with a 3/16” bead and the other is 1/4” bead , vinyl covered , solid core. Can someone please tell me which one is correct. They are both from well known, reputable suppliers. My thanks in advance for your help.

both wrong!
solid plastic 1inch tail in body colour

I copied my original, rexine cloth sewn over a 1/4" bead of rope, painted body color. It comes with a 2" tail but I recall I trimmed some off.

that is correct for all early xK120’s but by the time they got to 120DHC fairly positive they were using the solid plastic body colour?
As usual always an exception maroon XK140’s continued with hemp rope wrapped in vinyl and painted

Not necessarily… my Sept 1955 XK140 was originally MAROON, and indeed came with solid moulded plastic ‘fender’ (I guess car did come from USA :slight_smile: ) piping, and yes, of course I have retained the originals, but wont reuse, as I am changing cars colour …