Correct Finish XK 150 Bonnet Spear Fastners

Happy Thanksgiving to all and many thanks to those giving advice over the years regarding the restoration of my 1958 XK 150S OTS, S830975DN. The Jag is completed and was happily entered into the last two JANE Concours in Massachusetts, after 32 years in restoration!

I’m now attending to a few details, one of which is the correct color/finish for the 11 fasteners which hold the chrome spear along the length of the bonnet. I have purchased the proper fasteners (I believe) from a reputable major supplier: 11 AW102T washers, plain; 11 C722 shakeprook washers, plain; 11 UNC116L nut hex, plain: and, 11 fixing for chrome, BD9848, brass.

I seem to remember that the visible portion of the fastens was black when I first purchased the XK back in 1974. Thanks so much for your assistance, once again.


Since the chrome trim would have been installed after the bonnet was painted, I would suggest the washers and fasteners would just be either galvanized or silver cad plated.