Correct MK V tire size

I’m away from my MK V at the moment but am looking into tires from Blockley. Does any one know the correct tire size and if radials will work on these solid wheels? For that matter, has anyone purchased tires from Blockley? They are regarded well in another antique car forum.

Correct size for a MK V is 6.70 x 16 inch
I can’t advise with the other questions.

Thanks for the info.

XK120 uses the exact same disc wheels and I have radials on mine.
Tubeless will theoretically also work, but there are no anti-rolloff beads on these rims, such as modern wheels have, so you may be taking chances of the tire rolling off if the pressure gets too low.

I presently use Stahl Sport Radial 6.50R16 tube type on my Mark V. I want my tires DOT rated and approved for road use. Many classic car tires are not DOT rated. The ride is smoother on cold tire starts and “tramlining” is reduced compared to the Dunlop non-radials I used for 15 years. I took the time to estimate tire patch size and position so steering input would about the same as for original. Some new tires can make steering at slow speeds more difficult. The Stahl Sport Radial works well for me

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Thanks for the info on tire size. I have a friend in England picking up a half trailer load of Jag parts. I’m thinking of having him bring me a set of tires from Blockley if they make wide white walls in this size.

The Firestone’s are a nice choice.



It seems , from the AACA forum, that the new Coker tires not only are they behind in delivery but they’ve been having a lot of trouble with the white walls turning yellow. I’ve been hearing good things about the Blockley tires.

I have not had any trouble with the Coker whitewalls turning yellow. They advise not to stack them with whitewall touching whitewall.

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