Correct Orientation of Radiator Access Panel MK2

(DaveMoore) #1

I am doing some repairs to the front valance / saddle. I have fabricated some new parts and have a repair panel.
I can’t remember which ‘order’ the access panel goes on. Is it last / on the bottom of the saddle or is the front lip supposed to tuck in on top?

Right now putting it underneath the saddle is the only way it will fit and can be removed. It isn’t a neat fit and the leading lip is exposed and there is a gap. With all the other panels out of the way it does fit neatly against under body and I can then put the other panels in place with the the lip tucked up inside the saddle but I won’t be able to get it off as there is not enough room.

Since three pictures tell 3,000 words :slight_smile:

My repair panel for the inner saddle:

The parts assembled with the access panel on with the lip tucked on top:

The parts assembled with the access panel on the bottom/last with lip exposed:

Any suggestions ?

(Robin O'Connor) #2

I think its going to be lip under so that it can be removed to gain access as in the 2nd photo.

(Ian) #3

This is what mine looks like !

(DaveMoore) #4

Great, thanks guys. I know which way it should go. It just doesn’t fit great. I may have the saddle coming down ‘too low’. I will ponder fixing this or living with it. Leaning towards the latter now :slight_smile:

One other thing while I am at it. I was surprised there is no drain hole in the saddle repair panel ( the black one in the pictures above. The old one had a lot of rot inside and many pin holes. Both it and panel above it were in pretty bad shape despite having been repaired before by the previous owner There was a hole which I thought was for drainage but may have just been from rot.

Since water can easily get into that semi-closed section adding a hole to let it out again would make sense?

I can’t see one in your’s Ian.


(Ian) #5

No , no drain hole added , I did coat the inner surface well with red oxide paint , but of course some get’s burnt off around the edges , but the low point will be well covered in paint , once I welded it on , more rust proof paint was added , then black paint , then waxoil mixed with old engine oil .

(tapped) #6

I did this same repair on my Mk2 and I added a drain hole at the bottom of the saddle. For the reasons Dave mentioned I think it’s prudent to add this. The channel in the saddle opens up in both fender wells, so there’s always the possibility of water and debris getting into the saddle. I’ve contemplated sealing these entries, but have not yet. My car remains work in progress.

(Andrew Waugh) #7

1st law of submersed enclosures: “If you can’t stop letting it in, don’t stop letting it out.”