Correct orientation of tops of Stromberg?

Here’s a picture of how mine are orientated. Is this the correct orientation? I’ve seen them like mine and also different in pictures so I was wondering if there is only one “right” way or if it makes no difference.


Chet, to be “correct” your tops need to rotate 90 degrees to the right, so that little "protuberance"near the dashtop caps points towards the intake side of the carb.

I also talked about it here a little bit. Functionally, I’m really not sure it matters which way they are oriented:


As I recall I pondered it once (with the dome in hand) and decided that it does indeed matter.

For the anal-retentively inclined - one of the 4 screws securing each bowl is longer than the others and presents a small hole below the carb body. I believe that was for securing a wired lead seal to discourage tampering. I am not sure in which corner that screw was originally placed.

Functionally, it makes no difference.

Mine has the same orientation with the small seal on the right front screw.

Thanks all! I will move them around to be in the “proper” orientation. I’m expecting that would give me at least 10 extra hp right? :thinking: :grin:


For that, you need some K&Ns, plus stickers.


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Under a blanket 35 years!
Look close

That’s interesting, Geo. My carbs had non-original screws for the tops, and some were in poor shape, so I ordered new screw sets from XKS last year. All of them were the same length, IIRC.

However, to your point - if you click on the link I shared in post #2, you’ll see my carb tops and bodies have a small hole drilled in them, next to one of the carb top screw holes. These holes were for the small metal wires to be passed through to affix the tags. And - you guessed it - for those small holes to line up, the carb tops have to be aligned in the way I think we have labeled “proper”. As Benny mentioned, this would put my tags (if I had them), in the right, front position.

Now you’ve got me wondering when the switch from screw-attached tags to top/body-attached tags was made, or vice-versa? Maybe this is an S1.5 thing?


Here is my 1970 around the year 1989 ish
It was never touched …
Until I I did the rebuild

My early Series 1.5 Strombergs have the separate hole drilled through the top and the casting, right front corner:

Anyone know where we can get those lead seals on a cable for the OCD among us?

Front right per the drawing that comes with the rebuild kits, and with „sealing wire“!
The orientation of the tops is evident by the little notch on the front mating with the one on the body.
Those lead anti tamper seals need dedicated pliers so maybe a technician.

I bought a lifetime supply of lead seals and a crimper on eBay (from somewhere in eastern Europe). For the wire I used safety wire (2 strands twisted). I stamped them with a Z just for the heck of it.

I will move them to the RF corner but… I have never seen a photo of the real deal so no idea if these are even close to the same.

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Before you move yours Geo, I got this from the JCNA Series 1.5 Judge’s Guide:

USA ONLY - Part Nos. C.28817 (front) & C.28818 (rear);
2 - Zenith Stromberg 175 CD2SE’s with a bifurcated choke cable secured to left side of each carb with black oxide clip. Each has decal “FOR EMMISSION CONTROL SYSTEMS….” Front left dash pot screws are longer with a perpendicular hole at the bottom to accommodate the woven wire from the lead anti-tamper seal,
with a “Z” for Zenith, impressed in the center. Page QY.s.14 of the Service Manual calls for a “new wire and seal”, to be fitted to the dashpot at the completion of the 24,000 mile service. Earlier carburetors had a hole drilled through the dash pot and body on the right side near the front right screw for the anti tamper wire and seal.


Which begs the question- when did they transition from the holes in the body to a longer screw with a hole for the tag? My '68 was the 60th Series 1.5 OTS produced. Also from the Judging guide:

Thanks - I am good then. I now suspect that I read that at some time in the distant past because I have them mounted correctly and stamped with a Z (♫…this bold renegade carves a Z with his blade…♫).

I’ve never ordered my heritage certificate, but my '68 is car 1E16761 and has the carb body holes, if that tells us anything.


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Your car was built 701 cars after mine. So that many at least qualify for “Early” Series 1.5 cars.

Type LEAD AND WIRE SEAL into google and it looks like several come up. Walter Kidde water type fire extinguishers on at least some 737’s use them so maybe a fire extinguisher servicing company would be a source too.

68 E-type FHC

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McMaster Carr has them.