Correct position overdrive switch

(Pascal) #1

I’m restoring an XK140SE with overdrive and found original trico PS-4A switches to replace the current one.
I want to come as close to original as i can. So i searches al sorts of books and documentation to find: on what side the switch should flip if the overdrive is turned on. On the car there is a metal circle that says overdrive in/out.

so my question is: should the switch when turned on(lightbulb is on) facing in or out?

(Robin O'Connor) #2

You switch ‘in’ the overdrive so when the light is illuminated the toggle should be to the left.

(Bob Curran) #3

Does the overdrive switch toggle horizontally or vertically? I don’t believe I have ever seen a toggle switch on an English car that wasn’t mounted to work vertically, but what do I know?

(Robin O'Connor) #4

Its a long time since I drove my ‘S’ but I seem to recall it was positioned so that I could just flick the switch sideways to operate rather than up/down without moving my hand from the wheel. Also that tends to go with the legend on the bezel.
I had better clarify that this is on a car that I converted from the DG box about 28 years ago, on checking both the ‘S’ and MK11 drivers manual I note that the O/d is operated from a stalk on the steering column so take my thoughts however you wish :slight_smile:

(Pascal) #5

That is also why i am going to replace the currect switch with an original trico PS-4A. And placing it so it is going horizontal.

(Terry McGrath) #6

illuminated OD switch was flicked left of right for in or out

(Robin O'Connor) #7

This is the intermediate hold switch for the DG transmission, I will be replacing the bezel with the one from the O/d car on my ‘S’ type

(Bob K.) #8


The overdrive switch is always mounted horizontally on Jaguar XKs. See more info on this switch here:
Jaguar opted for a green bulb in the Trico switch, not red.

Bob K.