Correct shifter knob and steering wheel for a C type

Input for the proper wheel and shifter know for my Realm C type

There is no “proper” anything for a Realm…Realm make the body and chassis…its then a kit built vehicle. …Realm can supply all the parts to complete the build…the steering wheel will be a copy of an original C type wheel. …same with shifter knob…but many builders seem to base their build of a specific car…others take ideas they like from various C types to build their own unique model…Steve

Funny, Agreed I was asking what the real wheel and softer look like.

thx a lot

Hi Blair…I wasnt being “funny”…just answering you question re Realm…for info of steering wheel and shifter on factory cars google will give you images of all…note that you need you check your splined shaft…typical Realm builds use XJ6 components…these can be 3/4 or 7/8in shaft depending which model steering shaft is used on your build…the original factory type steering wheel(or repro) will be 7/8…Steve

If you are interested in what genuine C-Types were/are fitted with today, you would do well to go to the web site: JAGUAR SPORTS RACERS - The Cars - Jaguar C-Type, D-Type, XKSS and Lightweight information, articles, photos and register. Select the “Photos” option on the left hand side, and a filter screen will open that allows you to view a customized selection of photos of cars in database. Selecting “C-Types” and “Interior” photos should be a good starting point to see what wheels and shifter knobs these cars have. Good luck!

Were our replies not of interest …its good to get some feedback when your trying to help…Steve

Morning, Had to step away for some business issues. Yes, all feedback has ben very insightful. I actually have a Jag restoration shop coming today to do a bit of a PPI. Of course, a PPi should be done BEFORe purchase ,but I still want to !.

thanks muchknow what I own. keep you posted on what he reveals

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