Correct wiper arms and blades for 61 Mark IX

Does anyone have the correct length of wiper arms and blades for a 1961 Jaguar Mark?nine? I’m getting different answers from all the vendors. I want to make sure I’m getting the exact arm and blade that I need for each side. TYIA!!!

Trico blade on my mk9

Thank you for the post! Are both wiper arms the same size? The vendors all list different number for each arm and I had read somewhere, maybe even on this forum, that they are different size arms for the Mark IX and I’m just wondering what they are? Thank you for your post!

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Both wipers are the same.
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Nice body colour!
Which of the many shades of grey that Jaguar used in the 50s?

That is terrific news! Thank you so much for getting back to me. It still doesn’t answer the question as to why the vendors list two different arms at two different prices. It doesn’t make sense but as long as both of yours is the same and they work, that’s good enough for me! Thank you my friend…

That was the color of the car when I bought it and when I had it repainted I had them computer match. It really looks nice now…
Thanks for the response, Peder!!!

It’s Cornish Grey over Mist Grey. A very popular colour option.

Hi Jim,
The Jaguar Parts Manual lists the Windscreen Wiper Arm as Jaguar part number 7150, Arm only (54711567) Qty. (2) required. The wiper blades are listed as Jaguar part number 6562, Blade only (5471111614) Qty. (2) required. So both left and right wipers are the same as wardell has previously stated.

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Thank you, Tom!!!
Looks like I finally received the correct responses…