Corroded water ways on Cylinder head

I know this has been covered many times as to how to deal with it, but I live in Arizona near to phoenix and I am looking for someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to repairing my cylinder head, as always the water ways are corroded and need cutting out and machining, ideally I would take it to them but IF anyone knows someone that is good I am willing to ship it to them.
My concern is that my cur is numbers matching and I want to keep this head with the block.
any help would be gratefully received.



Any reputable machine shop should ve able to do this, or have it framed out, to a welder.

If no one replies, from that area, I’ll ask my friend down there for a reference.

Thanks I would rather go on someone’s recommendation then just chancing it if your friend knows someone in this area that would be great.

Got a message to my Feenix phriend, and will letcha know!

OK I have found a place in Phoenix that has been recommended by a Jaguar person I know, I will let you know how it goes I plan on taking the head to them this week.

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This place seems to good, too. From my longtime Feenix phriend!

“Wanted to get back to you regarding machine shops here. Based on my research, Kelly’s Machine Shop (1706 W. Hatcher Rd, Phx AZ. 602-395-1260) looks like a good place to start. They work on foreign an domestic cars, They can repair aluminum heads and several folks had good things to say about their work. If nothing else, it might be worth a phone call to talk specifics.”

Thank you for responding, if the one I found does notwork out I’ll give them a try