Could not access forums last two days?

For the past two days when I tried to access ‘Forums’ it would not load ? I would only get a blank page with the coloured circles continuously rotating. Everything else on my PC was working normally, no problems with any other sites I use, was this a problem with the JL site or is something amiss at my end?

I think we all had the same problem. Had some emails from other (European) forum members with the same issue. Glad it’s working again.

Bob K.

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Thanks for the info Bob, I’m glad it’s all sorted, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms :grinning: :grinning:

Moving this to #site-feedback where it belongs.

Thanks Gunnar, I only used The Lounge because I suspected it was my PC that was playing up and somebody in there would be bound to know how to fix it. :grinning: