Couldn't Find old Harbor Freight Jack Stand thread .

. . . so I thought I’d just post this quickly for a little WTF photo / day brightener.
Yup – I think both are harbor Freight stands.
Like the old chewing gum/breath mint ad used to hawk: Double your pleasure – double your fun:

Doubled Harbor Frieght Jack Stands

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Um… err… well…OK.


And he should also double his life insurance policy!

Yes, but are they the old recalled HF jack stands, or the NEW, improved ones? That will make all the difference.

Craig get out from under that car NOW !!!

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And if you don’t have Harbor Freight in your area then just improvise with whatever you have laying around like this guy did - and notice how the truck’s rear wheel is chocked. Safety first! Another Darwin Award candidate. :astonished: