Coupe overhead console bracket fixed!

I figured I would share! My 1997 xk8 coupes overhead console bracket was broken and epoxied and basically falling apart from age, causing my console to fall from time to time until I used trim tape to hold it up. I looked online, but as we know the coupe bracket has been discontinued (drrrrrrr). The one site, however, listed the convertible bracket for convertible/coupe. I thought “ok its only $10.50 Ill try. Needless to say it got here yesterday and the holes dont line up. I measured and there is basically an inch difference. I thought Id try to figure something out. I looked around and found an old metal angle bracket with holes in it. I cut off the ends about 2 1/2” in with my dremel and added two holes an inch off the center of the two predrilled holes. I found two machine screws and nuts and bolted the convertible bracket to the metal with the bolt heads on top and the metal underneath. I noticed that the one connector had to be moved, but left the plastic mount in its spot. I bolted it in, and was able to get it tight. I pushed the console up an “click click”. It looks like new! Held in very nice an tight! Figured Id share in case anyone else is have the same issue

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Hello! I have the same issue on my convertible 2001 and it just fell down, as the car had been parked for a week or so. Looked it over and have to wonder what held it up in the first place. If you could show me what you did I would sure appreciate the help.

On my coupe the bracket was held in with 2 bolts. It looks like the convertible is the same. IMG_20210421_194238|230x500