Coupe rear window seal and DIY?

Rear coupe window seal is leaking like a sieve. Anyone replaced theirs recently? It appears genuine seals are NLA or nearly so, and only URO parts seal are generally available. My experience with URO makes me cautious. Anyone have recent experience with them, or have a source for a quality replacement?

From a search here, I see that I should use sealant between the gasket and glass, and gasket and body. What sealant should I use?

What tools did you use to get the old seal and glass out of the car?

I’ve read most of the old threads here on the process, but does anyone have access to an illustrated DIY? The factory manuals are most unhelpful. Sowell’s links are broken on his website, so that pictorial is unavailable. I’ve replaced lots of glass, but only the bonded variety.

Any help, comments, sources would be appreciated.


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You might try MacGregor British Car Parts:

I’ve always found Martin MacGregor to be most helpful in finding the rubber bits I need.

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MacGregor doesn’t list ANY parts for the XJS on their website. I also tried the seal part number, but nothing came up. I might try emailing, but it doesn’t look hopeful.

I used a URO gasket for the windshield with no issues; use a non-hardening windshield sealer (CR Lawrence) butyl. Messy stuff. Use 1/4” rope from the inside, wrapped into body gap on seal to pull seal lip over the metal fence. Install seal on glass and moldings into seal (except corners) before installing it into the body.