Coupe wind up window removal - AGAIN

Hi Guys,

Once more I’m stuck. It seems all the instructions for wind up window are for drop tops. My passenger window attachment fell apart so it was not much help in figuring out how to separate the window glass from the winder mechanism on the driver side, before I can pull the glass and frame out of the door. I can see no screws holding them together and they seem very well mated.

'64 S1 FHC.

The metal channel that the glass sits in has two cut outs in it, that with the window glass at the correct height, allow you to lever the wheels on the winder mechanism out with a screwdriver. Once they are out you can lift the glass up to the top of the frame and remove the winder. Put a piece of strong tape over the top of the frame and onto both sides of the glass to hold it in place and out of your way.
To remove the glass from the car you will need to remove the whole chromed window frame from the door and lift it out with the glass in situ. You can then slide it out the bottom of the frame.

Having just rebuilt the internals of my '65 FHC doors I can tell you that the process outlined by abowie did not work. There are no cut outs on my windows and the only way I was able to get it out was to undo the window frame (6 screws along the top and the two brackets at the bottom. This allowed me to wind the window and frame up higher than normal and the two rollers came out of the window support.