Couple of small problems

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I just had to reset my passenger window for the third time since I got the car, is there a reason why it would loose memory speratically? Also, I had set up my garage door opener last week and it worked great. Two days ago, while driving with my wife, the whole unit fell out and hung by the cable, I looked and found the one hole was broken. I said well the PO had replaced it, and put it back. Needless to say it fell two more times that trip and twice yesterday. I looked online for a new bracket only to find, like many other Jag parts, that it has been discontinued drrrrrrr!. I looked at it today and found that the bracket had actually been broke in half and epoxied back together. Ok whatever. I unhooked the wire connector and spread the clips a little. When I went to put it back in I noticed that the front clip wasn’t able to go in its hole drrrrrr! I decided to use a piece of double sided trim tape and it seemed to work. I then went to open the garage and nothing happened, my guess is because I unplugged it. I tried resetting it and reprogramming it, but the light doesn’t come on now, and yes I did reconnect the wires. Anyone else have something like this happen?

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Depending on the MY of your car…
The COUPE roof console plastic retainer (HJA2068AC) is NLA.
The CONV roof console plastic retainer (HJA2057AB) is still available (I bought one several months ago)


(Jason Miller 1993 XJS 4.0 convertible, 1997 XK8 coupe ) #3

Yes I hate mystery cars too, but figured since I posted in the XK8 section of which I have posted a few other times saying that my XK8 is a 1997, ans my profile pic has an xk8 with the early revolver wheels on it, and my cars list has “1997 XK8” that I might not have to say it lol. Just kidding no harm meant, yes I should have said what year again. I know that the coupes bracket has been discontinued and I did mention that in my post too :wink: Im more asking about the other two issues. Thanks though :slight_smile:

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As to the garage opener, l would guess the hanging by the wires when it fell actually damaged a wire or pin within the plug/socket concerned. You may need to do some probing.
The window issue may be battery related. Is the car used regularly and is it connected to battery tender when not in use?

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I kinda wondered about the wire getting pulled too, but thought it could be something someone else may have experienced. I have been driving it pretty much everyday for a couple weeks now, and haven’t seen any noticeable battery drain issues, but its a possibility. I just think its kinda weird that only the right one has been acting up. Who knows, there could be a break in a wire in the door. Drrrrr No I dont use a tender, but it wouldn’t hurt I guess

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My 2000 XK8 Coupe’s windows have been doing the same thing. They were fine for quite some time then they started to act up a bit. I’ve only owned the car a few months so I’ll just deal with it.
I am going to have the battery checked. My car is taking a little more time to start in the cold.


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Interesting. Please let me know what they find with your battery