Coventry Whitley or Kasuga

Hello, I am new on this forum but not on the XK-forum because I own a Jaguar 140 SE DHC for nearly 24 years. I have bought myself another XK, this time a Jaguar XK 5.0 Portfolio Coupe 2011 with 19" Caravelo wheels. I would also another set of wheels for my summer tyres. I do like the Coventry Whitley silver but the 19" wheels do not fit because for the rear 19x9.5 wheels the offset is 25 which is far too low. For the 20" wheels the offset for the 20x10 rear wheels is 45 which is ok, for the 20x8.5 front wheels the offset is 35 which might be too low. The Sepang wheels will not fit so a possible alternative for me would otherwise be the OEM Kasuga wheels. Does anyone has Coventry Whitley 20" wheels on their XK 150x? Can you five me advise if they will fit without taking extra measures?
Bram Limburg, The Netherlands