Cover assembly or rear seal carrier?

Hello Folks,
Jaguar used part number C16317/s for the E type and parts number C19687 on the XJ6’s. Does anyone know if they are interchangable? Also does anyone have one they want to sell? I am upgrading an XK120 engine.
Wes Keyes
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If the carrier off a S3 XJ6 engine will work, before I junk my spare, Ill pull it off and you can have it.

HI Wiggles,
Thanks for your offer. I checked the parts manual and the part number for the cover assembly for series 3 is the same for series 1 and 2 so it should fit. Is there anything you need? I might have it.

Wes Keyes
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How much a hurry are ya in for it?

The machine shop should have my block re-bored in a week or so. So some time after that. Don’t sweat it thou. As you probably know the crank has to come out to get at the middle bolt.


Yea… and my engine is still all together. On the offhand chance someone needs a good crank, I guess pulling it out “the junkyard way” would expedite the process.

Not sure I’ll get it out/off in less than two weeks.

No problem,
I’d still be interested in it as I rebuild engines for other folks occasionally and it is a great way to upgrade a 3.4 engine. I usually get them from Jaguar heaven but they are out at the moment.