Covid 19 lockdown day 1 project

Had some time on my hands so organised a display of mascots I have. Think there will be many more days of sorting out things to come.


So, how goes the Covid project?

Hi Paul.
That’s as far as I got.
Fortunately I haven’t had to sell any of them to support the lack of income but have had to sell lots of my other Jag treasure.
Sold a MkIV project to Scotland (yet to be paid in full - sore point) and have another left to sell.
Only then I might be able to afford to drink beer again.
Cheers, Graham

Well, I got one Covid project done: removed 15-year-old carpeting out of the bathroom!

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Carpeting in the bathroom!:scream: that’s sooooo 80’s! :sunglasses:

Nice tile job!

At least it was berber, and not tie-dyed shag…:face_vomiting:

It turned out well: was a slight trick to cut/match the small toe kick pieces, along the front of the angled Jacuzzi, but fortunately, it was a consistent 22.5 degree cut!

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The PO of this shack hade carpeted the bathrooms. It was all torn out before we bought the house, but they left a ton of glue on the tile from where they glued down the wooden tack strips. Removing all that was not fun.

I hope you had an electric miter saw.

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Around the toilet that wouldn’t have been tie dye🤣

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Borrowed the neighbor’s tile saw, that had fixtures with which to cut various angles.

If/when I can U/l pix, Ill get one of it completed.

do you by chance have a photo of this carpeted restroom? i wouldnt belive anyone if they said they kept it and didnt remove it the day they moved in!

Nope! Never occurred to me to document such silliness!

Oddly, it wasn’t terrible underneath it, but it still… smelled! I did a deep shampoo on it, thrice/annum, but still…:woozy_face:

Last Saturday, the band came out to “Socially Distant Acres,” for our first rehearsal since early March.

Man, I miss making music…

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