Crack at base of A pillar

Cracking on outside appears to coincide with seam on inside. Inside shows nothing unusual. Is this lead filled? How should I repair outside? Thanks. XJ Series 2 1977.

This is a fatigue crack…
Is the car straight otherwise ?

You can repair it from the ouside, much easier.
Windshield has to be removed.
I would also reinforce it with an extra plate or something and then drill one or two holes on the inside and try to prime and paint the cavity to protect it from rust.


Hi Aristides,

Car appears straight with no other problems. No rust around windscreen. I suspected the windscreen needs to come out to do it properly. Thanks.

yes, there is a lead-loaded join, its just mig-welded, and frequently cracks

yours seems a little worse

I had a very nasty surprise when I took my last screen out

a match head size rust area turned into a bit of a nightmare

Thank you. I’ll take out the windscreen and have a good look. There is a lesser crack on the driver’s side too.