Cracked steering wheel rim

This is probably heresy, but the one thing I don’t like about our beloved E-types is the thin large steering wheel. This is probably a result of driving modern sports cars that have narrow diameter but thick steering wheels. So on my 67 E-type I have a smaller diameter wooden Momo that looks just like the original wheel only it is thicker and does not flex in your hand. The Jaguar badge fits nicely in the middle and it looks pretty much stock. On previous E-types I’ve also used a Nardi.

Just noted another XK forum post from March this year, still doing excellent work by the looks of it:

Oops different guy……it is indeed nick Reeves

You sure it’s not a Moto-Lita?

I’d be very surprised to learn that Momo ever made a wheel that “looks just like the original”

Im with ya: hate them.

Put a 15" Moto Lita on Tweety and it made all the difference.

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It was cracked in two spots. One was about 2/3 of circumstance and another about a quarter. It’s back in one piece and cleaned up back on the car. The glue is slow setting and can be cleaned up with a wet rag before it sets. But it’s semi waterproof
I kind of like this wheel. It’s the same one my dad used. But I’m going to keep my open for a 15-in wheel

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A friend I’d allowed to drive the E pressed hard against the wheel as he exited and bent it forward to the sounds of snap, crackle and pop.

I married two of my passions (fishing and woodworking) and used fly fishing line, specifically sinking line, for the repair. It’s very smooth so glue won’t stick to it, and it is strong and slightly elastic so you can achieve a high clamping force without snapping it.


The first pic is supposedly a 14” Moto-Lita wheel. It’s pretty darn close to a stock wheel save for one less hole in each spoke and the thicker rim. I inquired after not being able to configure one like it through their online ordering process. They said such a wheel would need to be custom made. I placed my order for the same but got the one in the second pic, which has an even thicker rim with visible laminations. The aluminum is also visible all the way around the inside and outside of the rim. There’s a night and day difference in rigidity when compared to my original, albeit cracked, steering wheel.

On my OTS, the far right unused switch that would control the rear window defroster controls the fuel pump, while the interior light switch is a fan override switch to turn on the electric cooling fans


I rebuilt my original from my Series 2, it needs a home. Contact me if interested. Brian / Mytype

See the Moto Lita Steering Wheel thread.

Lots of suggestions on the steering wheel so I won’t add much except to say I bought the unfinished kit from British Autowood and finished it with spar varnish. Looks great and thicker/sturdier than the original. The kit was top quality.

Regarding your pedals, iirc the foot pads, or whatever they are called, unscrew from the long part that goes up into the pedal box. I took them off and then fabbed new ones out of 1/8" steel plate and drilled the holes so that both brake and clutch are offset away from the accelerator pedal giving more room for my feet. Not a difficult job at all and well worth the effort.