Cracks in exhaust manifold

Hey! Next problem - cracked exhaust manifold. How You are solve this problem?

Find some used manifolds from a parts car.

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…and maybe take them to a machine shop to have them ground flat - they tend to get a little out of true as they age.

Here in Estonia is very hard to find any Jag for parts…:frowning:

I appreciate that, but what about eBay? what year is your car and what size engine and is it the front or rear manifold that has cracked?

here is a guy that has a front and will ship internationally

I have a set that have been repaired, but I’m on the other side of the planet, may as well be on the moon for you :frowning:

Here are two advertised on the UK ebay site:

You are also probably going to need a set of gaskets

And a set of lower seal rings

Get new gaskets. Don’t bother with buying another manifolds. Give the cracked one to any stick welder and ask to weld it with cold cast iron electrode or “nickel” stick. Cracks are “natural” stress-relieve thing - so should last for years (mma weld).

This is the thing to do. Had it done to my e type manifolds. All good after many years. I would check them on a flat surface prior to refitting. Paul.