Craig Restores a Series III OTS - Part V

How do you walk, with that giant brain?


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and needs to be seen… :laughing:

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Did your car originally have auto trans.? Looking at the wiring diagram all solid red wires connected to bulbs are for exterior lights: side lamps, stop and tail lamps, license plate lamp. Exception is the automatic gearbox selector indicator lamp.

Car came equipped with a 4-speed
The only change I’m making in this area is 4-speed → 5-speed – – so, no.

I haven’t had a chance to pour over my scores and scores of photos of the original wiring harness nor all the notes I took.
My first inclination is the choke indicator light. I’ll certainly report back

You are probably right. Interestingly, the wiring diagram does not mention that choke switch and lamp at all.

I found a post on this site from Paul Spurlock in Feb. 2017 verifying that the factory did not include the choke warning light in their wiring diagrams. He did update his diagram with information from S-3 owners.

A green wire connects the #7 fuse to the choke switch, a green/ yellow wire connects the switch to the light bulb.

Mollyoliver – thanx for the research and updated diagram

Found a partial answer
Found a photo I took of the three hardura pieces with the suspect wire attached to the fuse block.

The red wire is to the right of the lower portion blue check mark.
It is attached to the upper right fuse box and leads downward and then curls toward the glove box for sure – gotta keep searching other photos to find the end with a light bulb leads to the choke.
Getting closer to a definitive answer

And then this photo, carefully labeled "Glove Box - Choke Close Up:

The wire in question is the black-sheathed wire secured by a green wire clamp . . .

. . .and then snakes to what is labeled on this photo – ta dah – “Glove Box - Choke”
Got it
One down – a bazillion to go


Got it! Your red wire with bulb lights the cold, hot, run decal. The green/yellow wire lights the red jewel indicator above it.

By Golly, Molly – I think you’ve got it.

Took a break from restoring and did some fire mitigation on my lot. That entailed renting a scissors lift (got one that was all-terrain with out-riggers) that also worked well to reach my 14’ ceiling to install some piping to distribute compressed air. Got about 80% of it done; 100% of the piping in the14’ high room.

Between the trimming of limbs and installing piping, I spent three days climbing that scissors lift.

To make maneuver room in the garage for the scissors lift and not bump into things, I moves benches, tables, engine stand, etc to one side of the garage

I not only installed piping, but hung some banners (thanks again, Paul)

That fitting in the above photo is open – haven’t decided if I’m gotta cap it there or install another drop around the corner on the left of the photo

The kit I bought was easy to hang and connect. Of course, I haven’t pressure tested the system, yet.

Also installed a leg to bring compressed air above my lift. The one section got a little crooked. The open end of the pipe in this photo will lead to the compressor (just out of frame to the right of the traffic light) and then to the small room (with 10" ceilings) and the dirty room with 7’ ceilings – none of these elements require a scissors lift

Took advantage of the open floor to sweep/mop

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Beautiful, my friend, just beautiful!

Nice setup. Amazing how much time you can save when everything is tidy and well organized, unlike my place.

What an agreable space to work in…!

I used this last week to deal with several errands: picked up my re-newed header tank (re-soldered, pressure tested and painted a non-runny black), finally linked up with the guy who owns and is chief mechanic at The Differential Shop re timing for him to rebuild the innards, and a few other items/issues.

Then I got a weather-imposed work delay. All last week the temps were mild (upper 50’s to mid-60’s – 1 or 2 days even reached the 70’s and low 80’s. Then Friday the high was low 30’s and light snow mixed with sleet greeted the morning – it didn’t get better throughout the day.

Three photos follow -
5PM on Friday
6:30PM on Friday
8AM on Saturday (this AM)


Power went out twice last night – I assumed downed power lines

  • 2.5 hours from 0200-0430
  • 1 hour from 0830 - 0930

About the only good news from the last few days is I finally received notice that the parts I need to repair the boiler in my hobby shop (heats both domestic water and the coolant in the in-floor heating tubes) were shipped. Ought to have them earlier on next week. Just in time foe the temps to return to the 70’s and 80’s.


Colorado’s calling us…!

Typical Colorado weather. In May 1978 I was transferred from Arizona to Denver. Dressed in slacks and golf shirt into a raging blizzard at Stapleton Airport. Had to buy a top coat next week.

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Pretty much!

The good thing about late spring snow here is it disappears pretty fast. I was lucky during this one, because it didn’t get any snow up where I am, but a friend of mine down in the southern suburb of Littleton got about a foot! She lost a couple of trees.

Down in NM, they had about a foot last night where we used to live. Hopefully that will help the firefighters get a better handle on that massive blaze.

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