Craig Restores a Series III OTS - Part XVI

Sure, I have some of those, I thought you wanted to know how it’s routed and fixed inside the bonnett aka hood.


Ps. These are from the LH side and have now some new paint from 2021, but wiring and connectors are from 1972:

I found these, from the RH side again, the pile of shims was before the 2021 fix, there had been a small dent on the RH side and they had not straightened the frame, that was all corrected later, but the wiring and clips are as per factory.



Thanks for the additional detailed shots, Pekka


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Continuing with adding small bits on the bonnet, I installed the bonnet beads on both sides. Just temporarily.

The beads fit from stem to stern with an inch or two extra. Therein lies my problem.

Top of bead is even with the headlight opening

But I also need to install the eyebrow. This will require trimming 6-8" off the bead:

So - how does one go about trimming the bead without crushing it? This end of the bead isn’t so critical cuz it will be hidden under the eyebrow . . .

. . . but I’ll need to trim a small bit off the bottom of the bead (the bit closest to the windscreen)

Craig , I suggest trimming the headlight end as it’s not seen and move the other end in line with the hood edge ….I used a fine toothed hacksaw to shorten mine …mine were brass

Thanx Danny. How did you get the bead to line up with (and stay lined up with) the trailing edge of the bonnet? I tried but – working alone – that was a close as I get it. Is there a trick to keeping the bead lined up while being installed

I am not sure what my beads are made of.

My beads were also plated brass. Concur with trimming the forward end, I think I just snuggled it up with a couple of the retention tabs, used a Dremel cut off wheel.


Can’t remember exactly…. But I think I used 1 or 2 of the hold downs in place to hold it there …. Measured the other end then cut! ( after removing from hood😜)


Once you trim the finisher chrome beading to length fit the cut portion under the headlight eyebrow. If the end rust it won’t be noticed.



SPECIAL THANKS TO @davidxk for ID’ing the solution to my missing nut

It took two weeks (plus) to work through the mail but today (07MAY24) I received the envelope of British Standard Cycle nuts from Nooky Nut in the UK.

I didn’t know how to size the nut so I ordered 4 each of sizes from 1/4" to 1/2". It was only £2 for each size.

Turns out the 7/16" nut (which fits nicely in an 18mm wrench (?!?) is the winner. I ordered half tall nuts – either I erred when ordering the 7/16" nuts or Nooky Nut erred and sent full height 7/16" nuts.
Fortunately, the cable these nuts secure to a bulkhead allows the nut to be threaded down passed the end of the threads, so the height of the nut isn’t critical - I placed the Nooky nut on the cabin side of the bulkhead,

Now I just need to sort through my boxes of bits to find that weird shaped fastener (just barely visible below) to make sure the rod stays attached to the cable end.

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To close out my question(s) regarding routing the wiring harness through the bonnet nose:

This is the correct routing to get the harness from the 8-pin plug to the passenger side.

Which means the Series III harness is visible through the two holes under the bonnet nose

On the passenger side, the harness emerges from the triangular tunnel and feeds the side light wires (green and black in lower right hand corner). . .

. . . and is routed through a 5-bullet connector secured with a purpose built clamp where the headlight harness also meets it. The vendors are quite proud of that 5-bullet connector - $20.

I didn’t plug in the ground wires because there is a third ground that needs to be accounted for and I haven’t figured out how to feed three grounds together. It comes off the side light – not captured on the photo but visible above.

NOTE - black ground wire in the above photo (the one in the harness that spans the under side of the bonnet) is the same ground wire seen in the first photo (the one with a small bolt and nut attached).

As a reminder from a few days ago, I waiting for:

Well – this is embarrassing.

After all that falderal: finding out what the missing obscure half nut is (shown above in a photo I posted 3 days ago), locating a vendor, and waiting 10 days for the envelope to arrive from UK - guess what.

When you clean up and organize your work bench, and you pick up a used paper towel that has been sitting there for ages to dispose of it, you hear a small “thunk” on the wooden bench top. Found the missing twin half nut.

I now have the original obscure half nuts. Anybody need any BSC nuts? – real cheap!

And the missing →

ends up still being in place on the rod.

But my work benches, boxes, and shop are now much cleaner and well-organized.
@Wiggles can attest to how very distracted I can get when my OCD won’t let me stop searching for that elusive little piece.

OK - back to putting the damn small bits on the car

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So – to close out attaching procedure for the US passenger side demister control

The cabin side just beside and behind the glove box (glove corner in left left of photo)

and just behind the wiper mechanism tucked in behind the firewall below the dual chole cables

Whewww - that was a hard one. Glad it is behind me

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Seems a good place to close out Part XVI and open Part XVII.