Craig Restores a Series III OTS - Part XVII

No matter their condition, I suspect your cassette tapes are in better shape than my Blaupunkt :dizzy_face:

Well – just when I was feeling good about myself as I continued to find connections for my orphan wires, reality jumped up and smacked me across the cheek. Twice. Hard.

The (original?) speedometer cable in my Jag has two 90° angle drives on it. Actually one is attached the the back side of the speedometer

and the other is affixed to the cable itself and screws into the transmission.

So the task I assigned myself today was to ID which of the 3x proper length replacement cables I will use and which I offer to @Ralph_B. Drop me a DM with your address so I can package up the cable I have set aside for you.

When I pulled the 90° angle drive off the original cable I figured out that the cable(s) on my shelf with the same sized collars appears to be correct.

And then – as I researching something else – I spotted a thread on Guy Broad’s 5-speed for the E-Type with step-by-step instructions with photos. I have one of those. And the light bulb above my head started to glow - ever so faintly.

To The Archives . . .

. . .and there is was:

The oddly long (it measures 66.5") cable with a trumpet-mouth fitting . . . just as Guy Broad had packaged it . . .

. . .that fits perfectly in the receptacle in the tail shaft of the Guy Broad 5-Speed. How about that.

I will just need to figure out what to do with the extra 17.5" of speedo cable when that time comes.

And – of course – that prompts the inevitable question.
The original set up had a 90° angle drive on each end of the speedometer cable.
Now – apparently – I will only have the one 90° angle drive – on the back of the speedometer. Right?

Do I assume (correctly) that the MT75 transmission used by Guy Board incorporates the gears found in the angle drive into the case so I don’t need it when I install my Guy Board transmission??

I don’t know about S3s, but S1sonly had one angle drive, and the cable went straight into the speedometer on them.


12 days with no update? I hope you have moved on from the speedo cable dilemma. Tonight I masked up the 74 OTS body for final paint and plan to do it tomorrow. I did the boot, interior and firewall first for practice, and have high hopes for a semi-professional outcome. As I told you, Regency Red is not my #1 favorite color, but I decided to go back to original, and no second guessing now. Send some positive vibes my way.



Thanks for tracking my efforts and my well-being, Rod. At my age, a prolonged respite from my prolific posting can imply dire consequences :ok_hand:

My absence of posts is primarily driven by two factors:

  • Spring/Summer introduces an annual need for yard work, fire mitigation, spring cleaning (emptied attached three car garage and power washed floor) and such.
  • Took my 65 Riviera GS to a Cars and Coffee; that sparked a few days of replacing a cracked fan shroud, installing new fender / trunk lid chrome emblems, and fussing with non-functional courtesy lamps and other sundry electrical components as well as other sundry house keeping issues on that car. A few hours of exploratory excursions into/under the dash and center counsel turned into 3 or 4 days (ahhh - the joys of OCD; once started down a path, I gotta get to the trail head). Still have corners to explore there - -

Yesterday was a summer-monthly community effort at cleaning up dead tress and limbs on the 85 acres of heavily wooded common land in my housing area. That was three hours of work that resulted in seven hours of R&R on my couch - still stiff and sore.
Off to continue fussing with Jag parts today . . .

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3:7, hard yakka/recuperation time.

Yep… that sounds vaguely correct…:woozy_face: