Crane Cams XR7000

Hi …1981 XJ-S pre HE. Melb. Australia
Rewiring my engine bay and was thinking of moving the Crane Cams module (on the car when l purchased it) from engine bay to glovebox B.E. style. I also want to cut the holes around my headlights to allow cool air to my air filters also ala B.E. Then l thought why not put the Crane unit up there in the headlight space…much cooler and less mucking around. To do so l think l would need to extend the current wiring maybe 20-30cm. I have an uneasy feeling that l read somewhere that causes havoc somehow. Can anybody shed some light on this please? TIA.

pic of my XR700, on top of rad support, been 20 odd yrs , no problems,
wiring hard to see but it is there!


Thanks Ron. Did you extend the wiring at all to reach distributor-radiator?

I had a Crane Cams unit for many years on the coupe.
You can extend the wiring 300mm no trouble.
On top of the radiator support is not an especially cool area, probably the air just dead ends in that space.
In front of the rad is much better.

Thanks mate, thats good. I dont know why, but l thought they were very susceptible to any wire lengthening…presume the increased resistance plays some part in it, but surely not for a short run with good soldered connections. Cheers. R.

The original Opus was susceptible to wire lengthening. Since the Crane Cams unit was a popular replacement for the Opus when it got flaky, perhaps that’s where you got the impression.

Could be…old timers disease setting in.