Crank case ventilation hose

I have been doing a bunch of work on my new acquisition over the last few weeks, one of which was to clean out crank case ventilation system, during which, I broke the T-shaped hose which was very brittle at one end. I have a new one on order, which is somewhere in the US with UPS, stuck due to the inclement weather we have had recently. The question I have, is can I run the engine for a brief time with out this hose in place, just to move the car around? The reason I am asking is because it connects the oil filler tube, the air intake and a device with coolant going through it. Any advice?

Blank that crappy ‘device’ and connect oil filler with inlent boot as it was. You can ride like that as much as you want - as long as you’ll warm up your car during the acrtic weather prior to run. This device thingy makes the God-knows-why-overpass when your throttle butter is closed. It’s heated with coolant to prevent freezing / crankcase pressure build up… Guess where all the oily condensation lands after warm-up…

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