Crank damper reconditioning

(Jim XK140 FHC) #1

Hi All
I have a C type head and as the crank damper is different I would like to have my own damper reconditioned rather than fit a new standard one .Guy Broad can do this , I think around £121 plus VAT , but they need 10 at a time to send off . They can be standard or C type . I have 2 on the list , is there any one else interested ? I will also post this on the XK section.

(Phil.Dobson) #2

what’s different about it Jim?

(Jim XK140 FHC) #3

It has a different part number .
From what I gather …
one part is made of steel rather than cast iron.
It has a " Special " rubber formula.
I doubt that the special formula is known and speaking to the usual supplyers they know little about them . I suspect a differnt mold is required for it that none of them have thought about .
If the special rubber is an important factor maybe a tried and tested new standard one might be safer ?

(PhilW) #4

Be careful who you get to re-condition your original damper. Over the years we’ve bought from the Jag “usuals” and found that occasionally their re-builder doesn’t realize that the center cone slot and the outer timing marks must orient exactly as original. We’ve gotten them back and they were 30 to 40 degrees off.

Just another reason restorers have thinning hair - we pull it out over crap like this.


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(Erica Moss) #5

I’d like to get mine done but worry about this. It really needs to be perfect and I’m not sure how they calibrate them. I’d hope a specialty shop like Damper Dudes could handle it but who knows?

(Dr.Quail/ Jon Wallace) #6

Find the Damper Doctor, used to be in Oregon, I think he moved south to Cal. Used to advertise in many of the sports car magazinews…reasonable and good. Best, JW

(Lovell) #7

If you are in the US, try Damper Dudes, check the net or Hemmings.

If they need 10, my guess is they farm it out, anyways.

(Rob Reilly) #8
These are in the USA and both have good reputations.
I’ve tried search engines but have not found one in the UK.
Your best bet may be to ship it to the US as both these are competitive in service and price and shipping these days between US and UK is very fast.

(Jim XK140 FHC) #9

Thanks All
The usual spares suppliers over here offer an exchange service or even new ones.

(Matthew Kennedy) #10

Anyone here know of a reconditioner in Melbourne?

(Paul Wigton) #11

@Ed_Nantes… anyone?

(Rob Reilly) #12

Not sure where these guys are.

(- 1950 MkV, 1959 XK150,) #13

They are located in New Zealand, but advertise that they ship internationally…

Here is the extract from their blog "Our service isn’t fast or cheap but it will provide you with many more years of comfortable safe driving in your precious collectible car, truck or boat.

Yes we are based in New Zealand and yes we do trade internationally. We accept credit cards, paypal and payments direct to our bank account."

(Roger Payne) #14

JagDaim provides exchange Dampers. They don’t do work themselves but has work done by a small business that I don’t know who they are. Or you can ask them to recondition yours, but takes longer. That’s what I did as I wanted to keep my original XK140MC damper, which is quite different to standard XK140 damper.

Matthew, email me direct when I get home - currently in Melbourne for Formula 1 GP - and I will send you pictures of different dampers.

Roger Payne

(69 FHC ) #15

I respect that they are straightforward up front. Way too many vendors promise wonders and then leave you wondering where your stuff is.

(Matthew Kennedy) #16

Thanks Roger. I was at the GP on Friday at turn 15. It was a great day. The Mercedes are wickedly fast. Daniel has a fair bit of catching up to do. Had a personal tour of the Shell team pit and a good tour of the car. Those V8’s are brutal.

I will send you pics of my current damper.