Crank damper split cone

Rebuilding 68 E type 4.2l engine and managed to get the crank damper off with a pulle r. But struggling to remove the split cone . Tried sharp rap as Jag manual suggests without luck. Looked up earlier forum suggestions such as to pry from back of cone; no success and afraid of damage of using more force. Can’t get pulled behind it as one person suggested. Have used lots of penetrating oil before these tries.

Does anyone else have a tried and true method?


I had a little trouble when removing mine so I put a screwdriver in the slot and slightly expanded the cone. Great care must be taken to not over expand it as it will split easily.

Once expanded it tapped off.


Propane torch to heat it up and expand it, with a little force behind it. They will break if over spread.

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Depending on whether it sat up, there might be some corrosion. I’d shoot penetration oil as a first line of defense.

Indeed, and. Found that by wedging open the splits, while tapping with a small–4 to 6 ounce–brass hammer usually did the trick.