Crank Pulley Bolt Removal

Hello Folks, Have to take the front gear cover off my 4.0L. Have been told that you can use an air wrench has anyone done this successfully?. Any reason why not? Any advice appreciated. Regards…Charlie.

CAUTION: Under no circumstances should JD 216, crankshaft locking
peg, be used to lock the crankshaft during any operation to tighten or
loosen the crankshaft center bolt.

303-05 crank damper loose.pdf (98.4 KB)

Please find and read my Jaguar Engine Repair Course 168 I converted to .pdf from a paper document and uploaded to the internet a decade ago.

It is ALL OVER the internet and can be a valuable tool.

Gus will have it on his site. (I sent it to him)

Thanx for prompt reply. Was aware of that which was why i asked if i could use a windy. Rgds.