Crank speed sensor

Good Evening All, I have an XJ-SC 3.6 litre ( No, I am NOT posting on the wrong forum !! ) As it basically has the same motor as the 3.6 litre XJ 40,can someone plse tell me where exactly I will find the crank position sensor and what needs to be done to remove it !

Gerald from a cold and wet South Africa

It’s on a bracket on the front of the engine directly above the toothed wheel on the crank damper, a single bolt keeps it in place. Follow the wiring harness back from the CPS to the plug. Undo plug, undo bolt, pull it out.

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It’s a simple single bolt pull out. The thing is, if you had any oil leak (like most did) there may be a lot of oily mess there, so be patient cleaning it out until you find the bolt. Feeling the bolt might be a bit of an effort. But once you find the bolt, simple ratchet would undo it. There is just enough space for hands between engine fan and the front of the engine.

The sensor itself is a coil, wound around a magnetic core,. It’s difficult to do any but the continuity test. if you have an ohm-meter, touch the leads on the connector - they should show value in single ohm range.