Crankcase breather housing removal

I have looked through the V12 and XJS sections, and as others found, I have to remove the crankcase breather housing (on my 1991 XJS V12 engine number 8S80864SA) since the very dirty mesh screen cylinder is stuck within the housing - I looked through my service manuals for the size of the mounting bolts, and torque specs, but did not find any reference - I did see in the archives that others had the same problem of the stuck mesh screen cylinder and had removed the crankcase breather housing to facilitate in cleaning the screen - I tried a 3/8" (too small) and a 7/16" (too large) spanner for the bolt heads - any one know what size of spanner, or socket, is needed to remove the two bolts - thanks, Tex - sent 2/19/2021 1700hrs. EST USA.

Try metric. Jaguar used a real mix of fasteners on the XJS.

my guess if 3/8 is too small and 7/16 too large then it’s 10mm

Ok thanks fellows - I did not think about trying a metric # 10 because I did not think metric was used- I will try that size of spanner or socket - Tex - sent 2/19/2021 1734hrs. EST USA.

Have you tried spraying carb cleaner to unstick it? My screen simply lifts out. If its stuck, it must only be sludge?

Hello Greg - yes, since mine would not lift out, I did spray it and left it to soak overnight - then, using a “rubber strap jar top opener” I did attempt to free it up, but to no avail - I did not want to deform it using pliers, since it seems that the screen cylinder is no longer available - I have ordered a new rubber bulbous boot for it, since the old one had some spits on the edge where the holding ring (the style that is the squeeze type) sat - the bulbous housing was very hard to remove as it also seemed stuck in place - apparently it had not been removed for sometime - I did install a new PCV valve in the location at the back side of the “B” bank air filter housing as the existing valve was also very dirty and clogged - sent 2/19/2021 2318hrs. EST USA.