Cranks / No Start 2001 S-Type V6

Hi everyone! First time poster here. Been owning and working on a couple of jags for about 8 years now.

I’ve got my first real situation that I can’t seem to figure out and I’m worried it might be the PCM.
So I just recently replaced my water pump as well as coolant reservoir due to leakage. Then I put everything back together and now the car cranks but wont start. Here’s what I know so far on the situation.

The car ran fine before the repair.
Battery is fully charged at 12.6
Cranks as normal
There is fuel at the rail and fuel pump whirls in the on position.
No Spark
No RPMs showing on Tach during crank
Checked Crank Sensor and wiring but all good.
Getting 1400 ohms of resistance at 5v supply at crank sensor input at PCM as well as the ground supply and cam shaft 5v supply.
PATS Light comes on for 2-3 seconds in on position then turns off so don’t think its some kind of security lock out?
The throttle opens at startup as well.

Please help I have to move in a month and really love this car but can’t take it with me like this. =/

Forgot to mention.

No Codes
I’ve checked all fuses multiple times
Just searched the boot for corrosion in modules and at harnesses but they were fine.

I have proper wiring diagrams and JTIS as well

Welcome to the forums.
No rpm when cranking is normally a sign of a dead CPS, as thats where you were working I would double check that the wiring is good and nothing is shorting out.
Failing that it might just be a case of throwing another one at it.
HOWEVER, does the engine sound like it still has compression when it is turning over?

I haven’t tested for compression however the car was just running fine before I did the repairs.
I have pulled the wire harness at pcm and checked continuity between the pcm and crank sensor wires and they both checked good. However when I test the ground for ckp at the pcm back to chassis ground I get a resistance reading of 1400 ohms as well as the 5v supply and at the cam sensor 5v supplies.

Also I put in a new ckp just for sh*ts and nothing happend. I even hooked up the sensor toke a screwdriver and rubbed it on the magnet while I tested for voltage back at the pcm harness with it unhooked and it tested good.

So then I toke the pcm out of the car and tested for continuity between the chassis ground pins and the ckp ground and 5v supply and it gave that same reading of 1400 ohms on both wires.

You dont need to check compression with a guage, I was just asking if it sounded normal or was the engine spinning over quicker than it usually does?

Yeah it sounds normal and its not spinning quicker then normal if anything maybe a little slower

Ok so its not bore wash then, not that I have heard of the V6 having that as a problem. Have you tried starting with the accelerator pedal held down to the floor? Just in case the engine is flooded?

Yes I’ve tried that, but hell I’ll try again real quick

Yeah its still just cranking

You think there might be a possibility that when the water pump gave out it sprayed coolant all over everything and could have potentially shorted the pcm through the Ckp wires?

Thats a possibility I suppose.