Crankshaft position senser

Can someone tell me where the darn thing is? I turned off the car and now IT WON’T START. sorry for the caps, I can’t even find the location of the little bugger.

Courtesy of our friends at Haynes:

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Also check the ignition rotor since it has a resistor inside it that sometimes burns out. It’s easy to check with an ohm meter. If the ohm meter says it has infinite resistance, then it’s shot.

I replaced the cap and rotor don’t recall a resistor in there?

Either way I get no spark from the coil.

The resistor is buried inside the rotor, between the tip and the center contact.

However if you are getting no spark, then I also would be looking at the crank sensor. Have you tried seeing if you are getting any ac voltage signal from the crank sensor when you turn the engine over?

A simple check to see if the CPS has failed.When you crank the engine when it fails to fire, does the tachometer register around 200 - 300 RPM?
If no tach movement to that sort of level during cranking, that’s a sure sign the CPS is duff.

That is what got me to the cps, tach doesn’t move when cranking. I did find one new aftermarket for$56.

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