Crankshaft position sensor part number

Does anyone know the Jaguar part number for a CPS for my 93 4.0 ? I’ve searched the JDHT site which I usually use to find any part numbers but I can’t find it. I think mine is on the way out and need to find a repacement so I need the number to cross reference to make sure I buy the correct one.


DBC11501 = Crankshaft Speed Sensor - item 13

Casso what makes you think it’s on it’s way out? Unless they have an intermittent fault Ike mine they normally either work or not. On mine the shielding was shorting out the CPS signal but it would fire straight up again, it variably happened at a set of traffic lights :frowning:

Thanks Bryan, I searched every section concerning engine management, sensors etc, I never thought it would come under timing chains and adjusters ?
Robin, I’ve had a situation for the past few weeks when the engine just cuts out, mostly at traffic lights but today it did it twice driving along the road. Each time it starts again first time with no trouble. The engine is showing no other symptoms, it idles smoothly and pulls and drives as well as it always has. When I had a similar problem on my previous Sovereign the in tank fuel pump eventually failed. As the mileage was around 139,000 on that car, and this car is now at the same mileage I had a new pump fitted at a Jag independant garage just to rule it out but the problem persists. I did the pump swap on the Sovereign myself but that was 16 years ago and I was a lot younger then ! Also I only had the car MOT tested yesterday (,thankfully it passed with no advisories) and it sailed through the emissions test without any problems. There are no engine codes showing when it cuts out, and as the cps is probably the original I’m just going to renew it and see if that cures it. I’ll inspect the shielding on the old one carefully and let you know what I find, thanks for the much appreciated input.

Casso, very similar behaviour to mine, I think you will find its actually the wiring from the CPS to the plug, at least that is where I would start looking.

Robin, many thanks for the advice, as soon as this rain stops I intend to remove the CPS and examine the wiring very carefully, meanwhile the car is staying put in the driveway, I’m worried it’s going to give up at a real inconvenient place like halfway across a junction or something and it’s far too heavy for me to push !!

Just to add to this old thread, I have a 94 XJ6 4.0 which hasn’t run for 3 or 4 years. On cranking the engine with a recharged battery I was getting no spark from the plugs or the main coil lead, I also got a zero reading on the tachometer. Readings on the coil were: primary winding 7 ohms and the secondary winding 7250 ohms. The crankshaft position sensor reading between blue and red wires was shorted whilst on the new one I purchased was 1400 ohms.
Replacing the sensor involved removing the whole bracket, 2 x 10mm bolts and then a single 8mm bolt holding the sensor to the bracket.
After replacement the engine started immediately. Great to have this valuable resource available on this forum.

Always good to read a success story.
Congratulations! Now the next thing you need to do is buy another CPS to carry in the trunk and here is why:

My '94 Died At a Stoplight and Wouldn't Restart?

I definitely agree with you about carrying a spare CPS, great idea. It’s very rewarding bringing a dead car back to life with the help of this site.