Crankshaft Pulley Nut

Looks like its been hand cranked vigorously a few times.

What do you all think? Is this unusual?
As long as I have it off, should I face off those damaged points with a file?

Does the crank engage smoothly? if so, I’d not bother.

Check as well the starting handle engagement. As long as good purchase is there, no need to face either. I use mine for rotating the crank when setting rocker clearances and TDC, never to try starting the car.

Mine looked a bit similar, so I filed each edge equally to shape to make sure the starting handle engages on each face the same. I suspect the damage is due to not properly engaging the handle to this nut before taking up the “slack” and turning the handle too quickly - it’s not a hammer job like I’ve seen some people attempt to crank the engine but rather a smooth power action!! I’ve also seen some cars kick back under compression so that might also damage the nut.

Yep, my mother broke her arm when she was hand cranking her 1934 Pontiac. She told me that story about 1970 when I showed her how I could crank the Mark V. She said the trick is you use your right hand pulling up and don’t hook your thumb over the hand grip, so if it flies back you just let go, and your arm is already moving up out of the way.

I practiced that technique, taught to me by Dad, on his PIII Rolls.

I rarely tired of that fun!

not sure a human arm could do that, reckon thats a kickback, nasty…isnt that “patina” though?