Crankshaft sizing tool loan

(Jim XK140 FHC) #1

I plan to use a rope seal on the back of the crank .The conversions seem to have mixed results . I see some have managed to fit the rope successfully without the tool , but it would be good to have the right tools for the job . Do you know where I could borrow / rent one from in the UK ? Or any other tips .
Thanks Jim

(Robert and Darlene Stevenson) #2

JCNA has a tool rental program and the sizing tool ison the list.

(Andrew Waugh) #3

Your best bet would be:

(69 FHC ) #4

Do they ship to (likely) non-JCNA members the UK?

(David Langley) #5

I thought the 3.4L engine in the XK140 didn’t have a rear crank seal at all - just the scroll. Am I wrong?

(Larry velk) #6

I used the tool from the USA club. It gave a snug fit which loosened during valve setting, fitting pistons, etc. I believe this was ideal, as common sense would suggest that you want this seal as snug as reasonable. At first the turning torque was at the very high end of what was given as ideal by member posts, but it came into spec after the above operations. It was an original tool and not a reproduction.
I did use a seal in Jaguar packaging. Can’t recall if that is the “black” or “white”, as I sent one back to get the supposed ‘original’ Jaguar one (which may have been itself some sort of aftermarket repackaged).

(Paul M. Novak) #7

The JCNA Tool Loan Program is only for JCNA members. They have a lot of tools ( hundreds?) many of which came from the Jaguar dealerships. Shipping costs are paid for by the borrower so I don’t think geographic location is an issue.

I have used the JCNA Tool Loan Program a few times and it worked out great for me. I got to use the correct factory tools to adjust the valve clearances in one of my V12 Jaguars and others to remove the IRS bushings in another all for the shipping cost and a modest inspection/cleaning fee. It was quick and easy for me.

I haven’t done the arithmetic but it is possible that it is worth the JCNA membership fee just to have access to the many tools that they have available to borrow.

There is a lot of info about this program on the JCNA website.


(69 FHC ) #8

I fully agree, I’ve seen a room full, just a partial array, of the available tools. It’s a very useful program.

(Phil.Dobson) #9

I think David is correct Jim. You need to check what you have.

(Phil.Dobson) #10

I just checked the part numbers in viarts books and the 120 and 140 rear housings are the same. One assumes therefore it’s a scroll on the crank and not a rope seal

(Jim XK140 FHC) #11

Thanks guys, just checking myself. I think you are correct . Sometimes I try to plan ahead too far!

(Phil.Dobson) #12

If I listed the errors/mistakes I made I’d need my own forum!

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(Doug) #13

You’re correct.

The rope seal was introduced around R2664 or so in early E-type production.
I always find it amusing when some say they’ve never needed the tool to do the job and their engine wasn’t equipped with a rope seal…