Crazy Jag parts availability

Admittedly, I got a kick out of this while at the same time thinking its insane. The rain sensing wipers on my car have not worked since I bought it. I rarely drive my car in the rain, but still wanted to get this fixed at some point.

I narrowed it down to either needing a new sensor or needing a wiper module refresh. Since a used rain sensor can be obtained fairly inexpensively, that seemed like the logical place to start. I just need a new adhesive pad, right? Called my local Jaguar dealer, and after some investigation, they don’t offer it. Turns out you have to buy a brand new rain sensor to get the adhesive pad that comes with it. Crazy! And if you’re wondering, a new sensor costs hundreds of dollars. I asked what they do when they have to change windscreens on a car, and they said they try not to damage it and just reuse it. Talk about goofy!

Investigate the pads that are used to affix GoPro cameras to items, either that or some 3M clear VHB tape.

Thanks Robin! Those sound like good alternatives.