Creating a data base on Jag Lovers!

There’s such a following …
Creating a Master data list
How many Lynx and others all broken down would make this this section a worldwide go to section…
Just a thought
Good luck

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Count me out. I do not desire to have any of my data from being a Jag-Lovers member published anywhere other than what I post as a member. This data is personal, private and confidential and has not been given to Jag-Lovers for their personal and private use and distribution on their own discretion alone. I have not and do not consent in any form to such data distribution in any form without my review and personal consent.


I have nothing to do with a data base but the idea wasn’t the actual names and adress but
Like we did with the Ford Gt for posterity and record
Like this…
4033 total built for 2005/2006
X. We’re red
X were blue
X in each year
Who had radio, wheel and so on packages or options
Nothing to do with names and such
More of a data base of what was created
Just a suggestion
With Love

As far as Lynx are concerned, one of the founders and I keep tabs on all the cars they made as and when they come up for auction or for sale. I think we have virtually every car if not all of them, from the C & D-types, the XKSS, the Eventers, and the oddball cars they made too.

Just an idea…
Kurts car in those wonderful pictures has about 15 percent real Dtype parts
From way back in the day
Even for posterity
Just a thought

Thanks j. I see I might have jumped the gun. As you can see I thought it was our personal data you wanted to publish WWW.

I apologize if I took your suggestion the wrong way. It wasn’t clear what data you were suggesting that gets open published thru the WWW.


Not at all…
These days everyone is a little jumpy
You go with the flow😀
My thought was…
Say there’s Lynx, proteus realm and others
Someone post I have a GLASS whatever and another posts alloy rolled.
I thought it would create a base line for certain builders and the owners experience
I don’t own one now but they really are ENJOYABLE works of art!