Crossreference # for X350 ac pressure transducer

Hi, I’m having trouble finding one of these for an X350. I guess it’s available for a Ford or another Jaguar (I’m told an X-type), but I can’t find any similar ones that would work. The dealer I’m tolod to sell the whole pipe unit $$$$$$.

Any cheaper crossover (FORD) ones? Suggestions?

Do you mean the ac high pressure switch?

I could not find one anywhere and had to buy the complete pipe with switch pre-fitted. You may have the same problem.

What type are they ? Anyone know.

Are they just switch contacts ? (Old method)
Or are they 3 pin, apply 5volts and give an actual pressure reading (as used in Landrover / bmw?)

Any help

3 Pin. The one you show on evilbay is not correct - if you look at yours, it has a square / oval plug, not round.

Well thanks for replying, but none of tese soom to be correct. It does seem that Jaguar has a corner on this item and sells only the pipre with the transducer attached.Amazon lists many typres of transducers for many other cars including X-types ans S-Types, but NOT the correct on for my car.Most of them are in the $20 - 25 range which shows that there are many types and styles available (some which require you to empty the system to install them - that’s unconscionable). It goes seem that places like Parts Geek and ebay also have the correct style for around $80 (again expensive and unreasonable especially when Amazon sells many other for much cheaper).

So, now we have to find one that will fit the X350 for a reasonable price. Surely, someone has figured it out without having to pat the “Jaguart Tax”.


Apparently this is the correct one.

Sorry for the typos. Evidently , I can’t type worth a damn.


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Alot more research and it looks like I’ve found something tht will work. Europarts has the item for $20.85 with ground shipping of $13.45

I’ll call later to confirm , but maybe the ticket.

That link does not work and when I go to the site and enter the part number or part description I get “your search returned no results.” I also suspect that the site that your link points to is a scam - a clone of the europarts site that will take your money but you won’t receive anything! If I click your link, my security system yells “Site forbidden!”

Another thought - I suspect that the site your link points to is a scam. It may be a clone of the europarts site which will take your money but you won’t receive anything!

Don’t know about tehe site being a scam, but I got the AC fixed today. I went to anAC place and they found out that squirrels had chewed the pressure switch wires up and caused the problem. Tgey fixed the pressure switch wire and all was OK and AC started working again.

Just to round out this thread it was the pressure switch in a sense that caused the problem. This turns out to be an inexpensive and relatively easy fix.

Very fortunate for you. Bravo!