Crud on intake side of throttle body

In an effort to try to eliminate some persistently occurring fault codes, this weekend I dismantled much of my air intake system, cleaning as I went using the appropriate cleaner products.
When I removed the throttle body from the intake manifold, I found the manifold side of the throttle body (but not the flap itself) covered with a black layer of dry, soot-like deposits. It took me a good half-hour to clean these off, using about a half-can of spray-on throttle body cleaner and a good dose of elbow grease!.
However, when I looked inside the inlet manifold, I found a bunch of unexpected crusty black crud over what appears to be the EGR valve vent to the inlet manifold, directly inside the manifold from the throttle body. See pics attached that I took after an initial effort to remove the crud.
Is this normal…? …both the black soot in the manifold-side of the throttle body, and the crusty black crud on top of and around the EGR inlet?
There seems to be a good layer of slimy black-ish film in the area of the inlet manifold I can see with a flashlight. Is this normal?
Should I attempt to remove all the crusty back crud and clean the EGR vent hole? Or is that an exercise in futility?
Should I try to remove the EGR valve and clean it too?
What is the port immediately to the left of the EGR inlet?
Anything else I should look to do on the inlet-side of the engine while I have it this dismantled?

Any help / suggestions / recommendations / guidance is appreciated!

Yes. cleaning out crud in the throttle body ad even the intake is to be expected. and, cleaning as feasinle is normal maontenace.

The EGR feeds exhast into the engne. It ain’t clean. Teh gas tank is vented to the intake It has hydrocarbons as well. and, the oily vapor from te crankcase are fed to the engine as welll. More hydrocarbons.

This issu did not exist before the close vent systems were installed for emmsion reasons.


Directly beneath that left port is the EGR temp sensor. Maybe it helps to form a route to temp sensor for better sampling.