Cruise control issue

Hi there!
When I reach the speed I want and set my cruise control, the car accelerates, with some fervor, up to 4-5 MPH over the speed when I set it. Any ideas?

Yes. Consult Kirbert’s “Book”. There is a procedure for adjusting the control so the “set” speed is where you want it to be. Worked for me!

Thank you, Dave.
I actually own “The Book”. I should probably get in the habit of checking it first before I start bothering you guys. :slight_smile:
The fact is, I have just gotten the car running again after a two year hiatus (you may have noticed that I have suddenly been posting a number of questions recently in my new found enthusiasm) and I have forgotten much of what I learned from Jag Lovers when the car was running.
Thanks to all of you for your help!

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Thank you, Dave!
I vaguely recall doing that on my XJ6 years ago. :slight_smile:
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