Ctec battery maintainers? Any good? Not mine

I bought one of these chargers some time back, and it came highly recommended on here and other sites. This one failed to work, and my battery is flat, and was wondering if they are not that good after all. It was lit up and looked like it was working, but here we are, flat battery. I went to start up, just to make sure things were working; and nothing. I replaced it with a Schumacher battery maintainer, and the light started coming on immediately. Do these things have a service agreement or a warranty? Very disappointing.

I have no real experience with them, but I’d guess your best bet would be to look on the manufacturer page, or wherever you got it from. Sorry I can’t be more helpful

I know a lot of people that recommend the CTek brand, but I’ve had good luck with the NOCO ones I have. Some of the mid to higher models even have the de-sulfate feature and the adjustment for AGM/Gel batteries etc.

Just my .02