Cup holder 2001 xj8 question

Any suggestions or options for maybe an alternate aftermarket that works. i didnt pay attention at the time
but the xj8 handles basically one size cup, and anything remotely medium to large wont fit. Looking at the interior i think its going to be tough. Lastly, i notice a spring attached, when in open position, attached but only one end, doesnt look broken, but maybe popped off. Where does it attach.

The cupholders on the X-300s-X-308s are a notorious “Achilles heel” on those models – very prone to breakage. So much so there are even “repair kits” for them on sale by various vendors on Ebay.

On my XJSes (which have no factory cupholders), I use an aftermarket cupholder that screws (2-3 self-tappers included) to the opposite side of the trans tunnel. It is made of black plastic and folds up flat against the side of the tunnel when not in use. When you get a drink, you quickly unfold it to get it ready. The holding “ring” at the top is automatically adjustable for size, and I have yet to find a drink too big to fit in it and be held securely. :+1: Well, almost … IIRC, Jack-in-the-Boxes’ largest size drink is a bit too big for it, so I always tell them to give me the next smaller size instead. :blush: Off the top of my head, I would think that holder would work inside the X-300/X-308s as well … :thinking: Last time I saw one on Ebay, it was less than $30.00 too.