Cup Holder

Hi all,

I think my daughter and I have found an inexpensive, if inelegant, solution to the lack of cup
holders in our cats. Someone on the list suggested a door window type of cup holder placed over
the side of the center console. My daughter and I went to Pep Boys to see what we could find. I
bought a flexible flap - flexible cup holder arm - door window type of holder. When I placed it
as suggested, it was in an awkward place to access, and did interfere with passenger comfort. My
daughter took it out, opened the glove box door and plopped the flexible holder over the glove box
door. With the glove box door closed, the cup holder is secure, out of the way, and easily
accessible. It would be just as easy to place two there as one.

For reference, I bought a Rubber Queen Cup-N-Can Holder - No. 5121. Total cost - $2.19. This
satisfies my only significant drawback to this great automobile!

Don Keirstead
'91 XJ40 Sov 4.0L
Chelmsford, Mass. USA