Cure Found For Porcelain Manifold Preservation

Natures own, is a great new product that anyone can enjoy, free of charge!

Stolen from FB - figures though :joy:


Not for sale, owner’s going to fix it up.

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I’d recommend they do the magnet test first to avoid any unexpected bodywork surprises.


Need’s the Tracking looking at :rofl:

Even the Titanic is not that far gone.

I like the stray SU laying the grass. Reminds me of how a looney tunes cartoon ends when the car dies.

I would pay $100 for those manifolds, better than any I have

I have a one set of MK7 ex manis with acceptable porcelain,
not one other of the twenty odd ones I have has any decent coating

I would really like someone to develop a foolproof system

edit, some sob probably sprayed them black gloss with a spray can