Curiosity question: S3 door cards into S2

I thought I’d be clever and replace the non-standard custom door cards a ‘so-called restorer’ put in my car. The ones he made are perfectly functional but just not ‘right’, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I thought early S3 door cards (the ones that are a separate part from the crash pad that sits at the top of the door) would work although I knew the change to the doors to fit the redesigned S3 windows and roof would mean making some adjustments/cuts. I have been test fitting an S3 card to my front door. No luck. I know it sounds odd but I am convinced Jaguar must have moved the location of the inside door handles about an inch further from the hinge. Everything else lines up just fine. I can’t think why moving the handle would be necessary but there it is.

So, does anybody want some quite nice biscuit door panels and armrests? :roll_eyes:

1978 XJ6L FI converted to 5 speed manual gearbox

Thanks David, for this post!

I was thinking along the same lines … now, does anyone know whether the SI cappings with the wood top drop in for SII cappings?

Good luck with SII door cards - one of our Jaguar series parts guys in Germany currently offers a set for XJ SII L in biscuit, NAYY. Sending them to Oz might be prohibitive though …


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thanks, Jochen. Coincidentally, I had just come in from the garage checking the door cards again.

The early S3 cards will definitely not fit the front doors. Jaguar have moved the door handle away from the hinge and slightly altered the design and attachment points for the armrests/door pulls. I can also now clearly see the differences in the handle and armrests when looking at pictures in Nigel Thorley’s book on the XJ.

I haven’t checked the rear doors as carefully but, based on a quick look, I think the early S3 rear door cards will fit the S2 XJ6L.

David (by the way, I am in the USA)

Sorry David,

for the wrong location … anyway, thanks for clarifyingn!



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

I tried this a few years ago. I remember the rear armrests are exactly the same, and I had trouble with the front armrests, so I gave up at that point. The bottom (pocket) of the front armrest is exactly the same, but the arm part you pull to close the door is a different angle.
I’ll try to upload a picture of a series 2 and 3 armrest together.

Thanks. Yes, I realized that the upper attachment point for the armrest was moved between S2 and S3 but I think I have a way to fit the S3 armrests and panels to the S2 doors. However, that will not be attempted before this coming winter.