Current state of play

(Pat O Brien) #1

Well, the low drag arrived home just before Christmas, the bonnet in early Jan so both are now reunited.

I have started the build process and putting in wiring, washers and wipers are top of the list. There are a number of challenges as:

The wiper is completely different to a standard E
The wiring harness has too many wires and most of what it has are in the wrong place.

Many years ago I found a “bargain” a brand new 3.8 E Type wiring harness for the complete car, everything from number plate lights to sidelights, albeit LHD.

Having laid out the harness I note several mods are necessary in addition to the obvious RHD conversion.
The car is running an alternator so no control box
The battery is on the RHS so no bus bar.
The starter doesn’t require a separate solenoid
the car doesn’t have door switches, interior lights, a heater,
All relays and the fuse boxes are going to be in a different place
The car has a heated front screen
Plus other minor differences.
Marek called around and we both came to the conclusion that given the above the sensible solution appears to be to loose fit the dash, strip the new harness of its braiding, remove, reroute and or extend wires to their new homes then get the harness rebraided. For those in UK Autosparks provide a rebraiding service at a very reasonable £3/foot.
Below a couple of shots of progress. PS If anyone has a spare H/Brake warning light lens could you please PM me. Thanks.

(Erica Moss) #2

Were the fuses holders out in the cockpit on the original cars? I guess they wouldn’t want to be dropping the center console in the middle of a race for a blown fuse.

(Pat O Brien) #3

Erica, surprisingly not I have not found a photo showing a factory competition car with facia mounted fuse boxes, although I have seen such on period racers.