Custom Iditiit telescoping and tilt steering column

Am considering installing a custom Ididit column but would prefer to maintain the stock Jaguar ignition switch (just for looks). Has anyone done this and if so, how did you mount the switch without it being attached to the column?

Alternative is the GM switch in the upper column but then would have to make up custom dash fill in pieces for the missing ignition switch.

I duno know about that. Why? Tilt. never appealed much to me. Even with the cars that had it, I never used it… Hlll I’m not even aware if my Jeep has it???

Do you plan to try to keep the lock the wheel feature ? If so, GM style on the column? Does the Idit post have that provision??? ,

Or perhaps the console!!! No wheel lock, but… Kinda neat…


Looking for ideas on mounting stock or similar ignition switch in the same dash spot. Would prefer to not use the GM lock. I do not need the wheel locking gadget.

If Ididit doesn’t have what you want, try Flaming River.


may sound boring, but why would you undergo all that trouble? Well, of course, built like either a gorilla or a barbie doll you might need it, but pretty much anything in between can live quite well with the original setup it seems - so why change it?

Just curious - best wishes for your project


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Just ordinary sized…just want to modernize my car with new features found EVEN, on more modern Jags.

I plan on adding the column, with the existing telescoping feature but with a tilt. Plus a stalk for cruise control that will be added. Items owners of even S2 Jags might like…

Roger, I put a custom IDIDIT column in my 1972 Jaguar S1 Restomod (see, but couldn’t figure out a way to retain the ignition key, so I switched over to a S2000 start button instead … the dash facia did have to be redone as a result.

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Unless you are intending a ground-up rebuild, swapping out he column is a ton of work. Ididit makes a column without an ignition switch should you be inclined to make the change, as you can see in the KrissMotors post. But then what are you going to do with the opening in the dash where the housing for the wiper / turn signal switches was? It seems like the ignition switch is the least of your problems here.

I am considering the custom column, floor shift (so no shifter arm on column) and no switch. It will have the turn signal/high beam switch, Cruise Control and telescoping and tilt. No flasher is needed since Jag has it on the dash.

Doing the R&R part is the easiest portion of the job. Mating the turn signal wiring, horn and high
beam on/off is the worst part. I will retain the stock ignition switch without the steering lock. Then
installing a cruise control unit will be “fun”…Chevrolet 383 with after market fuel injection and OD trans linkage adds to the fun part.

Filling in any dash gaps will be done after the install is completed. Maybe a black cover over the column that fills in both sides to the ignition switch?? No real plans yet as the distances are
not firm yet.