Cylinder head nuts and washer locations, XK140

Hello Folks,
I am putting an XK140 back together. It is an late model with C head. I am installing a new wire conduit. Did Jaguar put a D washer with the two mounting tabs of the conduit or a round beveled washer or something else? Also did the washer,if used, go on top of the tab or underneath? Finally the parts catalogue says 4 round washers were used and 10 D washers. I know 2 round ones go on the two studs on the front of the engine. Do the other two perhaps go on the tabs or perhaps at the rear two studs? Perhaps there is a picture in the manual but haven’t seen it.

Wes Keyes
York Maine

Hello Folks,
I looked at some pics of the internet and I think I can see that the rear most studs had D washers. That leaves two round washers. Perhaps they go over or under the tabs on the high tension wire conduit?


Thanks for the reply Charles.


would the conduit tags go under the larger washer or on top?

I am told the D washer goes on top of the two conduit tabs as I did in the picture one post back from yours. I haven’t torqued them down yet.