D-Type fuel tank capacity

I just purchased a Realm/RAM D-Type. Anyone know the capacity of the fuel tank? I’m hoping my fuel gauge is way off. It went from full to empty in about 70 miles.

Heavy right foot??:smiling_imp: drive until it stops and see how far you get?
Peter Crespin will probably chime in with a more sensible answer.

Can you not measure the dimensions of the tank and calculate…From memory a Realm C is about 70lit

The already completed D-Type was purchased at auction, so not sure that I could measure dimensions of tank, but of course, I can drain and re-fill to get approx… capacity.

Hi Glen…on a Realm C type you can see the tank if you look up through the rear wheel arch & measure(wheel removed)…is that not the same with the D…Steve

15 Gallons, although I wouldn’t suggest topping it off to that level.

Thanks to all. Net chance I get, I’ll measure the tank or volume to be sure what my car has. I may even try to get that info. out of RAM next time I’m over there.

Thanks again….

Glen - it’s 15 gallons, I have one too :+1:

Ok, thanks for the info. So, I’ve gotten 12-15 gallons numbers so far but it will be awhile before I can look closer into this issue. Until then, I’ll trust a stick over the gauge.

Thanks, again, Glen…

Because the tank is wide and flat, rather than deep, any tilt from level has a big effect on the gauge reading or even a dipstick. The float hardly moves from full to empty. The best fuel gauge is the trip odometer.

Thanks Peter…

Soon as I get back from UK, I’ll have a chance to better ‘calibrate’ my fuel consumption and capacity.

What was the capacity on the real ones, back in the day
30-40 gallons perhaps?

The spec. I found had fuel cap. at 37 - 44.4 gals. (assume that was UK - US gals). Not sure if that was a fixed or rubber tank spec.

The spec. I found had fuel cap. at 37 - 44.4 gals. (assume that was UK - US gals). Not sure if that was a fixed or rubber tank spec.

Just visited Realm Engineering in the UK, and chatted with Adrian. He says his tanks were 15 gal. capacity, but I forgot to clarify if Imperial or U…S. gallons. If I had to guess, I’d guess imperial.

Hi Glenn…definatly imperial…are you at the E60 event…was there today. …and will be tomorrow…Steve

Sorry I missed you. I was there with the only California car but now back at hotel. Tomorrow, we join a E-Type tour to Wales for the week.

Some nice looking D-Types at Shelsey Walsh. Unfortunately, my E-Type was having some minor problems and never got up to full speed up the hill. And that’s after spend a few $$ to get it ready for touring this and last year….